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Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine is a trustworthy LSS consulting and training company. Our company offers every LSS service that you may ever need. So, connect with our professionals if you need help. Read along to know what services we offer.

LSS Maine Services

Services we Offer

It's for the companies who wish to implement LSS in their companies. Implementing LSS principles can help your company remove waste and reduce variation. However, this process is cumbersome if you don't have a reliable LSS consultant like us.

Our LSS consultants have been helping companies in implementing LSS for the past few years. So, you can trust us. Our professionals know how to effectively implement LSS to ensure the removal of waste and reduction of variation. And we do this by creating unique strategies which are customized as per your company.

Getting certified to any LSS belt is a great thing to enhance your career, especially in the Quality Management Domain. Such certifications hold a lot of importance in the eyes of employers who're hiring employees in the Quality Management Domain.

Such certifications ensure that the employee is skilled enough to help their company grow. Here are the belts we'll help you certify for: -

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: It's for the professionals who need an overview of the Lean Six Sigma principles. It's like an easy entry into the Lean Six Sigma world. Such professionals assist black and green belts in LSS tasks.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: It's for the individuals who want better insights into the Lean Six Sigma principles. Such professionals are superior to the yellow belts and can lead small teams and projects. However, green belts are answerable to black belts and have to report to them.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: It's for those professionals who want managerial positions in the Quality Management domain. A black belt is the top level of LSS certification. And such professionals have the best practical knowledge about Lean Six Sigma.

Also, such professionals lead large projects and teams independently and have the largest salaries in the domain. It's because achieving a black belt is tough, which is why not many people are certified for this belt.  Such professionals effectively help organizations scale their business. However, you need to pass a rigorously hard exam to achieve this belt.

Times are long gone when LSS was limited to companies and professionals. Many schools within the USA are actively opting for the Lean Six Sigma curriculum because of the benefits that it brings along. High school students can learn important skills which can prove to be useful in their professional life.

With the Lean Six Sigma yellow belt, school students can become more professional in how they look at things. It also teaches them teamwork. With a green belt, students can learn how to respond better to problems and practically solve them.

Such skills can prepare the students for the future and make them more capable. So, if you want to implement LSS in your school, contact us now!

FAQs for deeper insights into Lean Six Sigma

Ans: Here's the average time required for achieving Lean Six Sigma certifications:

The Yellow Belt takes around 1-3 weeks

The Green Belt: takes around 2-7 weeks

The Black Belt: takes around 1-3 months

Ans:  It depends on what type of Lean Six Sigma belt training you're signing up for. However, for the pricing, you can contact Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine.

Ans: Both yes and no. the Lean Six Sigma exam tests you for numerous competitive skills, which is why you need to be prepared well. So, if you're not prepared well, it's going to be very tough for you.

But if you have experts like Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine, you won't feel much hassle. Our professionals will make sure that it's easy for you and that you certify in one go.

Ans:  Whether you're a high school student, professional in the QM domain, or a company, you can benefit from Lean Six Sigma. As an individual, you can grow your profile by getting certified to Lean Six Sigma belts. This way, you can become a better asset to your employer and can bag bigger salaries.

As a student, you can learn various professional skills. And as a company, you can remove waste and reduce variations from your system. So, yes, LSS is worth it.

Ans:  Yes. Numerous companies use LSS across the globe because it's relevant.

Ans:  Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine is a reliable LSS training and consulting firm or company. So, you can come to us to learn Lean Six Sigma.

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Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine can help you with every Lean Six sigma Service that you need. Our professionals have been in the LSS field for quite a long time. So, you can trust us. Also, our services are affordable and bear effective results. Call us now to achieve the best benefits

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