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These days, it is a recommended process to go for Lean Six Sigma consulting to improve the functionality of your organization. Lean Six Sigma is a well-developed strategy to improve different processes at the management level of the organization.

The tools and techniques in the Lean Six Sigma methodology greatly aid the companies to reduce their waste generation. With this methodology, proper implementation of new methods occurs, reducing the amount of waste generation. An approach wherein the customer-centric changes are put into effect will greatly help in increasing the number of clients to your firm.

However, it’s not easy to reap the benefits. You’ll need an expert like us. We’re Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine– a Lean Six Sigma training and consulting agency. We do not issue Lean Six Sigma certifications but we’ll provide true guidance, train you for the exam, and clear the same.

LSS Maine-Lean Six Sigma Consulting

It is very tough to master any Lean Six Sigma certification without guidance. And this is why external guidance is so important. So, connect with our experts if you need any assistance. This article contains relevant information about Lean Six Sigma and some frequently asked questions. For more info, read along.

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

The business processes are fundamental assets of any firm. Hence, steps to improve them and modify them according to the customer’s demands are highly important.

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine provide consultancy services for major certifications such as Lean Six Sigma black belt, green belt, LSS curriculum for high school students, and much more. The guidance provided at our firm is highly valued, and people from all over the region prefer to come to us with any issue that arises regarding Lean Six Sigma.

Here are some questions and answers regarding Lean Six Sigma.

Answer: Lean is a systemic approach to reduce the waste produced. It aims to remove the processes that are not needed and lead to the downfall of the firm. It is a never-ending approach to remove waste and promote a continuous chain of improvement. The major benefits include:

  • Reducing process cycle time
  • Improving product delivery or service time
  • Reduction in the chances of defect generation
  • Reduction of the inventory levels
  • Optimization of resources for key improvement, among others.

Answer: It is very well known that you need to make an investment for the Lean Six Sigma certification. However, it cost less than you imagine. In most cases, the observed Lean Six Sigma certification cost as follows:

  • Yellow Belt: $394
  • Green Belt: $ 438
  • Black Belt: $ 538

Answer: The final level in the certification structure of Lean Six Sigma is a master black belt. Most of the organizations hire one master black belt who is a senior person. He holds the responsibility of managing the Lean Six Sigma initiative within the organization.

This position in the department is full-time. Many times, the master black belt reports to the C- level champion.

Answer: The majority of tools are:

  • VSM (value stream mapping): It helps in the identification of process wastes and the factors behind it causing that waste generation.
  • Kaizen: Tt is a continuous process improvement approach. It focuses on the small improvements that can contribute highly towards the betterment of the firm.
  • Just in time: It is like a pull approach to meet the conditions specified by the customers.
  • SMED: It enhances equipment changeover time. It is focused on minimizing the changeover time to about 10 minutes.
  • Poke yoke: It is a device that is applied to identify mistakes; when found, it generates an alarm.
  • Jidoka (auto nomination): It is commonly called intelligent auto nomination. It stops the production from a line where it senses that errors are arising.
  • Heijunka: It involves the concept of balancing of line. It tries to equalize the load distribution and balance the production lines.
  • Gemba (go and see): This tool says to go to the actual place of work. The processes must be observed with care and attention.
  • Kanban: For management of the inventory level, it is the signal system that is inculcated in the organization.

You will be able to implement every concept if you are attentive in your course lecture at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine.

Answer: If the process is simpler, it is much easier to take care of it than a process with a complex methodology. Lean Six Sigma makes processes simpler with reduced errors and defects. Lean Six Sigma reduces the variation in the process. With less variation, the ongoing process becomes more predictable. It means that the predictable cycle times, the output quality, and the predictable cost are minimized.

All these factors lead to better customer service, fewer complaints, and increased profits. This brings about a tremendous number of benefits for the organization when operating in conditions involving fast-moving changes. The changing technology and the customer requirements create the need to establish a stable business environment. This is achieved by Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Why should you choose Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine for your certification?

A certification, training, and consultancy firm is an essential component of your Lean Six Sigma journey. Without them, the path may seem hard, and the certification might take so much avoided time. 

People choose us because:

  • We are flexible, and we will modify the deal according to your requirement
  • We let you choose between the different teaching modes- classroom, online, and a mix of both.
  • Guidance and support regarding any issue you face during your certification time.
  • You receive training from the experts in the field of Lean Six Sigma
  • We provide special offers and discounts to our customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best deals available.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.