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Lean Six Sigma is a holistic management strategy that allows quality and efficiency changes in the better direction to be effectively realized. Lean and Six Sigma methods, although different from each other, when combined, enhance the effects produced by each when operated singly. 

The focus of Lean methodology is about speed, efficiency, and removing the waste from the system. Six Sigma focuses on effectiveness and data-driven methods for each process that is carried out in the firm.

Lean Six Sigma is an effective management tool when combined and has proven results in significantly improving the performance of the organization. a well-defined structured approach such as Lean Six Sigma helps in resolving problems easily.


If you wish to attain these benefits for your firm, you need trainers and consultants with elite experience in the field. If you live in Maine, you are lucky to have Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine with you. We provide training and coaching to individuals, which helps in bringing great benefits for the future.

So, contact us now for booking the services. And read this for deeper insights on the Lean Six Sigma certification services we provide and some commonly asked questions.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma certification has helped industries and organizations create a culture of positive changes and betterment. The management strategy of Lean Six Sigma is used widely. The Lean Six Sigma certification is not limited to manufacturing industries these days.

The focus has shifted far beyond, and today any individual in the Quality Management Domain can attain the benefits of Lean Six Sigma.

What are the three levels of Lean Six Sigma certification?

The Lean Six Sigma certification is differentiated into a system of belts. Similar to martial arts, Lean Six Sigma grants certification at different levels. Each certification is based on the employee training, the level of expertise of the individual, and the time invested in the project work.

LSS Green Belt: The LSS Green Belt holders are an important part of the Lean Six Sigma project and provide assistance to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt holder. They put their efforts majorly in the quality improvement projects.

They also assist in reviewing the data and suggestions received from the lower belt tiers. There will also come a time when the green belt holders will gain enough expertise to manage a project on their own. It is all dependent on the experience gained during the job.

The Lean Six Sigma Green belt holders are commonly referred to as the workhorses of the business. After getting your course completed from Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine and then appearing for the exam, you can also be a green belt practitioner. 

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: The Lean Six Sigma yellow belt holders are involved in effective process improvement programs. A yellow belt holder will gain knowledge about Lean Six Sigma’s general philosophy and why it is needed. The general awareness about various methods that are followed in Lean Six Sigma is also made clear.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: A black belt holder is considered a leader. They have the needed skills required to lead the management and improvement projects that the firm undertakes. Black belts are well versed with practical tools and technologies of Lean Six Sigma.

They are considered full-time change leaders. They are well educated to guide the other team members, such as the green belt and the yellow belt holders.

Commonly asked questions and answers regarding Lean Six Sigma

Answer: Lean Six Sigma green belt holders are specialists in the proper implementation of Lean Six Sigma projects. With the proper combination of knowledge and statistical analysis, green belt certificate holders can significantly improve performance and quality.

A green belt holder can work alone or work as a project manager in a team that is led by black belt certification holders. Generally, Lean Six Sigma Green belt certification is taken by:

  • Team leaders, supervisors who understand Lean concepts,
  • Continuous improvement manager
  • IT manager
  • Team manager
  • Operation manager
  • Change manager
  • Finance manager
  • Project manager
  • HR manager

Answer: Once you get your training from Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine, you will be able to learn the following:

  • The fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and its importance
  • Awareness about various methods that are included in process improvement
  • The methods how the improvement projects must be implemented
  • Setting up and facilitation the Kaizen team
  • The different tools and techniques are required to create stable and efficient processes.
  • The methodology which focuses on continuous improvement

Answer: No, retakes are not allowed if you have cleared your exam and completed it already.

Answer: Every person thrives on getting a job providing the best designations and salaries. Also, the employers wish to place the best candidates for their firm.  Some of the roles every organizational body tries to hire Lean Six Sigma professional are:

  • Process development engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Compliance structural engineer
  • Reliability engineer
  • Business process analyst
  • Lead manufacturing engineer
  • Operating system specialist
  • Senior IT project manager
  • Lean Six Sigma consultant

Why should you choose Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine for your certification process?

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine, we have developed world-class facilities to provide explicit training and consulting services to the people. Our firm’s expert trainers work indefinitely to make the courses easy to understand and valuable to the students. You can also learn and gain practical benefits from them. 

Also, as our professionals create unique strategies for implementing LSS and helping people get certified, our success rate is 99%. So, you can expect the best results from us. Do not waste another minute thinking. The right time is now, contact us and enroll in our courses.

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