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To ensure profits, every company, regardless of size, must ensure that no resources are wasted. Otherwise, most revenue and production would be lost. And this is something you would not want to happen. This is why businesses and individuals are turning to Lean Six Sigma values.

Consider Lean Six Sigma to be a collection of complex little concepts that work together to ensure the company’s performance. So, if you want to ensure success, incorporate Lean Six Sigma principles in your firm. This always aids businesses inadequately managing and improving.

Individuals can also adopt Lean Six Sigma standards for a better future and CV. If you need more insights into this standard and want to know till depth, then read along.

LSS Maine-Auburn-ME

What is Lean Six Sigma?

LSS is made up of two different methodologies. One is Lean that helps you manage and reduce the waste, i.e., the non-valuable possessions to the customers or company. Lean enables you to decrease wastage and increase the value of the products to the customers.

On the other hand, Six Sigma helps you know your true potential and enables you to understand the different plans and structures to ensure your company’s growth. They both altogether clean and helps in managing all the aspects within the organization.

Levels of certification

LSS certification is an effective way of boosting careers. Individuals must apply for a belt and study for the test, and if they succeed, they will obtain the belt/certification. Here are a few Lean Six Sigma belts that we will assist you with.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt- The yellow belt is the basic belt and provides you the knowledge about the Lean Six Sigma approach. This helps you gain some experience and provide an advantage in getting better jobs than others get. They are part of the team and guide other professionals. However, yellow belts can not lead teams on their own.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt- The person who reaches the Green belt has some previous experience of the job and certifications. The green belt provides them a better platform for gaining more experience. The Green belt holders help Yellow belt holders to manage the situation better. They also lead small teams and projects but generally work under the black belt holders.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt- This belt is for those who can manage top-quality teams and programs. The black belt is for those who have a lot of previous experience. The black belt holders are professionals who carry on large projects and teams. They lead and guide the above belt holders and teams.

Why chose Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine?

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maine is a well-known LSS consulting company in Auburn. Our company is known for our experienced coaches and specialists in Lean Six Sigma training and consultation programs. We have training systems focusing more on comprehensive and accurate education.

Our effective preparation strategies and styles help people do the utmost. If you have some, we would be delighted to assist you. You can contact us.

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